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"Love is something so relevant, so powerful and encompassing, yet we all have our own interpretation of what it is. Some versions are watered down, some are based on magical fairytales we hear as a child, and some are developed by watching those around us as we were growing up. No matter what the specifics, love has become a subjective term, verb and noun."— Camille Lucy




Well, so do I. And I always have. 

There is something very special about animals, our own in particular. They give us so much of themselves... and buried beneath the surface lies something even more magnificent. They hold a mirror up for us. What's more, each of our animals has a special gift for us: lessons we are to learn from them, to lead a more fulfilled life.

Quite often, our dogs can be a reflection of their own environment... Frankly, they are a reflection of you, their human pack. By listening carefully to what they are trying to tell us, we can gain a deeper understanding, not only of our dog(s), but of ourselves. Of what we may need in our lives, what we can improve upon.




Find out more in this 6-page article, "What is your dog Trying to tell you? How to find balance and harmony - in your home and within yourself - by listening to what your dog is saying."


For centuries, people have been using oils in virtually every aspect of their lives. When used properly the results are undeniable.

Essential Oils can be used NEAT, diluted, in a blend and/or diffused.

Oils help to support your healthy lifestyle, including but not limited to:
*excercise *meditiation *stress, anxiety
*fatigue *injury  *chronic illness or pain
*allergies *sleep

And in the same way that you can use essential oils for yourself, you can also use them for your animals.  We all know they are equally as important.

There are oils that can:
*soothe arthritis *help with training
*relieve seizures *heal cuts and injuries
*Skin problems *deter bugs, ticks and mites
* and so much more!!!

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